Prince George's Community College

Using RevenueVision® to Provide Multi-Stream Revenue Insight

In March 2019, PGCC AUXILIARY SERVICES became a partner of The Solution Design Group and implemented RevenueVision®, a cloud-based contract and revenue management system, to help manage contracted operations such as dining, vending, bookstore, and Mail/Print. As well as self-operated areas, such as events management, the new Culinary Arts Center, and their new Center for Performing Arts.

Since opening the Center for Performing Arts, PGCC has needed to manage anywhere from 30-50 performance agreements annually, as well as keep track of ticket sales from each performance. Payments to artists for performances and hospitality services, and revenue generated from ticket sales were being tracked separately via PDF documents, emails, excel spreadsheets, and ticketing software programs.


  • Limited insight on departmental net operations, due to information being tracked in various ways and reported on as one entity
  • Missing key aspects of contract management/compliance
  • Labor-intensive, manual tracking of contracts, payments, and sales 


  • Able to articulate revenue for individual departments visually, as well as literally, in one centralized location
  • Assists department managers in realizing their specific impact on the college
  • Sales and Payment analysis readily accessible with the ad-hoc tool available in RevenueVision®

“RevenueVison is the light at the end of a multi-stream revenue system and provides visual and numerical ways to articulate those streams. It has been an incredible value add to the Auxiliary Services team for Prince George’s Community College.”

– LaNiece R. Tyree, MPA

Director of Auxiliary Services & Event Management

After deploying RevenueVision®, the PGCC Center for Performing Arts has been able to merge their ticket sale revenue with hospitality payments/performance expenses to obtain a more efficient view of operations. The Events Management office has taken advantage of the auto-updating dashboards to keep track of total event counts, and outstanding invoices. Across all areas, due to the practically unlimited storage of historical information, RevenueVision® has allowed for a quick turn-around on analytic reporting, well-rounded insight on net operations, and overall healthier management decisions.

White Paper: PGCC Success Story