SDG Releases RevenueVision® 30 with New Workflow Capability

Orlando, FL – February 28, 2019 – The Solution Design Group is proud to announce the availability of RevenueVision® 30, a business performance management software platform that helps auxiliary service departments of higher education institutions increase their revenues while decreasing their costs.

Introducing RevenueVision® Workflow

RevenueVision® 30 includes a new optional Workflow Module that allows users to route solicitations (contract requests) across departments and/or individuals through various queues or stations along user defined paths. RevenueVision® keeps track of the approvals at each station allowing users to identify where a solicitation is in the approval process. At the end of a successful approval process, the user can create the actual contract record in RevenueVision®.

Tom Strange, SDG President and CEO, stated, “We are all very excited for the newest update to RevenueVision®. Historically, RevenueVision® has primarily been used in the post award phase of the contract life-cycle. The new Workflow Module will help our clients manage the pre-award phase as well. We are constantly working on new features to help our customers operate more efficiently to have a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Other exciting RevenueVision® 30 features include:

  • Themes – Users now have the ability to individually choose how they wish Revenuevision® to appear when they are logged in. Users can choose from 5 different themes to change the look of their user experience.
  • Statistics Descriptions/Links – The statistics types and dimension types have description fields added, along with information on the number of times a dimension is used across statistics.
  • Widgets Set Filters – When a filter is used to create a List Widget for the Home, and the user clicks on the widget link, the resulting contract list opened will have the filter applied.
  • Multiple Date Types Can Be Set for a Date Widget – When defining a Date Widget for the home page, the user can now include multiple date types to be included on the widget.

About RevenueVision®

RevenueVision® is a web based “software as a service” platform that has been designed and developed specifically for the higher education community, to optimize the performance of auxiliary and other business enterprise operations. Whether contracted out or self-op, RevenueVision® is a centralized operational management solution that allows users to easily collect metrics, develop and monitor dashboards, consolidate associated documents into one place, and easily search and manage contract information such as terms, expirations, deliverables, budgets, P&Ls, amortization schedules, and more.

About The Solution Design Group, Inc. (SDG)

SDG is a software development firm that focuses on serving the public sector and higher education communities. SDG’s offices are in the Washington, DC area and Orlando, Florida.